Gold & Lace Manicure

gold and lace manicure

I wanted to do something kinda fancy since my last few manicures have been pretty low effort. I also desperately needed a new photo from my Lacy nail decals! I browsed around for inspiration and found a lot of manis that use black/gold/white combination. I had a pile of gold nail studs and some time on my hands so I gave it a try. I like the result! I knew the gold studs would be tricky to place, but they ended up more or less even. The hardest stud placement ended up being on the thumb. I thought that’d be the easiest for some reason, but I was extremely wrong! It took a lot of work to get them even somewhat lined up and even.

My favorite nail might just be the pinky. I cut a thumb sized nail decal to fit on my nail like that and the end result was better than I expected. I really wasn’t sure this was going to end up looking good until I got close to the end. Glad it did though and I hope the billion coats of top coat keep the nail studs on for awhile!

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