Lex Tuilleries

Lex Tuilleries and Urban Decay Hot Mess

(Urban Decay Hot Mess on the accent nail.)

Lex Tuilleries looks fantastic in the bottle. It also looks very opaque in the bottle. I put on a clear basecoat and three coats of Tuilleries for this picture. I think Tuilleries really needs a solid color base coat to bring out the soft pink color. I couldn’t even tell there was anything other than glitter on my nails with only one coat on.

The glitter liked to settle in my bottle and I found that I had to shake it a lot in between applications.

It could work great for a jelly sandwich, but I’m really enamored with the way it looks in the bottle and the next time I use it, I will use a white base coat. The color is based on spring tulips but the first thing I thought when I tried it on was Valentine’s Day. It’s a really cute color and I can’t wait to play with it more.

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