Polka Dot Manicure

dot manicure

I’m pretty happy with this overall. I love how the colors look together, I just couldn’t get the dots to all be the same size! I used a dotting tool, but apparently I need to be very careful when I apply nail polish to it.

And now a bit of news: Cover Me is going to be getting a makeover soon(ish)! Some decals will change along with quantities. Nothing too drastic, but if you’ve been wanting something that’s up for sale right now, then you should buy it soon. I haven’t finished revamping every nail decal set yet so this could change in the future. I’ll show some sneak peeks once things start coming in. I promise it’s all to make my decals better than ever! I’ll be adding a slew of new designs after the re-design too. 🙂

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