Sinful Colors 24/7 Neon Polish

24/7 is a neon pink from Sinful Colors. I’ve seen it displayed in their summer color section so this polish may not be around until next summer once it’s gone. It’s absolutely bright and eye catching! Formula-wise, kind of disappointing. It’s thick and tends to streak. Not badly, just enough to be annoying. I only put a couple of coats on and since it looked good enough for stamping over at that point I continued on…

Sinful Colors 24/7

…and totally screwed up the stamping! Ha. I’ve never been very good and stamping large images like that. Well, practice makes perfect so bear with me.

Overall, 24/7 is worth picking up if you like pink and/or need some neon in your life. Sinful Colors is one of the cheaper brands of nail polish so you really shouldn’t feel guilty about trying out their new colors. I’ve personally never had much of a streak problem with their other colors so this one time hasn’t turned me off from the brand.

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