Water Slide Nail Decal Hints & Tips

I made a video about how to apply water slide nail decals and I thought I’d use this post to go over some tips.

Use warm water

If you’re having trouble smoothing out the wrinkles in your nail decals, try using warmer water. This should make the decals a little more pliable, but be careful not to stretch them out so badly the image gets washed off!

Dip your finger in water

Do you have trouble getting your nail decals to align on your nail just right? Dip your fingernail in water just before you apply the decal because that will help keep the decal wet. As long as the nail decal is wet, you should be able to slide it around on your nail easily. Use caution though, since rubbing the decal too much will make the image wear off.

Use cuticle scissors to trim excess

These little scissors are so handy! I use them to trim off decals that are already on my nails. The small size makes them the perfect choice to make your nail decals fit just right.





Use a better top coat

Clear top coat is so important when using water slide nail decals. My personal favorite brand is Out the Door since it’s a quick-dry top coat that goes on thicker than cheap clear coats. Seche Vite also has a good quick-dry top coat. (BTW, neither of these brands are sponsoring my blog or are connected to me in any way. These are my honest recommendations.)

Seal in the nail decal on all sides with top coat

This is easy to do with small decals, but with larger decals, you need to make sure to trim a little from the sides. Otherwise water will seep in and destroy your brand new manicure.

Touch up your top coat

Top coat wears off in our day to day lives. The best thing you can do to keep your manicure looking sharp is to apply a new coat of clear coat every 2 days. Apply it more often if you have a very hands on job (hair stylist, scientist, tailor, etc.).

I hope these tips help! I’m always available to answer questions by email or convo on Etsy.

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