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Blush Pink Minimalist Planner Page Template BUNDLE Customizable and Printable Canva Templates - for physical or digital planners - 4 sizes

Immerse yourself in the refined elegance of our Blush Pink Minimalist Planner Page Templates Bundle. This downloadable and printable collection seamlessly blends minimalist design with a soothing blush pink palette, offering you an exquisite planning experience that is also easy on your printer ink. Elevate your organization game with these five meticulously crafted templates—hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly—each available in four convenient sizes.


Why choose our templates? With five distinct templates, this bundle caters to every planning horizon—hourly for meticulous daily scheduling, daily for a snapshot of your day, weekly for a broader view, monthly for goal-setting, and yearly for the grand plan. For those who seek both functionality and refined aesthetics, this planner template bundle provides the perfect solution.


This planner page template bundle is printable and customizable. You can use this page in a physical planner like the Happy Planner or download it for use in a digital planner that accepts PDF, PNG, or JPG like GoodNotes or OneNote.


Templates included:

Hourly Planner: Plan your day with precision, hour by hour, against the backdrop of a celestial dreamscape.


Daily Planner: Capture the highlights of your day with a spacious template that balances functionality and beauty.


Weekly Planner: Gain a comprehensive view of your week while navigating the stars with this elegantly laid-out template.


Monthly Planner: Embrace the changing celestial scenery as you plan your month with ample space for goals, events, and reflections.


Yearly Planner: Envision your entire year at a glance, with this template providing a celestial canvas for your long-term aspirations.


Sizes included:

▸ 8.5x11 inches

▸ 5.5x8.5 inches

▸ A4

▸ A5



▸ Edit ANY text including dates – change fonts, text sizes, and text colors too!

▸ Add your own images

▸ Edit online with Canva – no need to download new fonts or software

▸ Options for printing the page full bleed

▸ Space for hole punches

▸ Download as a PDF, JPG, or PNG file


These templates are for personal use only.

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