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Ultimate Realtor Farming Bundle: 11 Canva Templates of Luxurious Marble Glamour for Real Estate Success

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The Ultimate Realtor Farming Bundle is a comprehensive collection of 11 Canva templates designed to enhance your real estate success. Each template features a luxurious marble glamour aesthetic, making it perfect for creating professional and eye-catching marketing materials.


The included templates cover a range of essential pages for realtors, such as a farming letter of introduction, under contract announcement, absentee owner outreach, expired listing campaign, FSBO (For Sale By Owner) promotion, feature list showcase, interested in selling inquiries, buyers are interested notifications, just sold announcements (with two versions), and market update reports.


With a convenient US Letter size (8.5 x 11 inches), these templates are compatible with most printers and can easily be incorporated into your existing marketing strategy.



- 11 Canva templates specifically designed for real estate farming

- Luxurious marble glamour aesthetic for a professional and eye-catching look

- US Letter size (8.5 x 11 inches) for easy printing


Included Pages:

- Farming letter of introduction

- Under contract

- Absentee owner

- Expired Listing


- Feature List

- Interested in selling

- Buyers are interested

- Just sold (2 versions)

- Market update



1. Time-saving: Skip the hassle of designing marketing materials from scratch. These ready-to-use templates are pre-designed and optimized for real estate farming.

2. Professional Branding: The luxurious marble glamour aesthetic adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your marketing materials, helping you stand out from the competition.

3. Easy Customization: Edit the templates online using Canva and customize fonts, sizes, colors, pictures, and even add your logo. Tailor the templates to align with your brand identity and messaging.

4. Versatility: With a variety of templates available, you can effectively communicate with different target audiences and address various real estate scenarios.

5. Enhanced Engagement: Eye-catching designs and well-structured content can captivate potential clients, increasing their interest in your real estate services.



1. Edit the templates online using Canva by changing the fonts, sizes, colors, pictures, and logo to match your branding.

2. Utilize the specific templates for different marketing activities such as farming letters, under contract announcements, absentee owner outreach, expired listing campaigns, FSBO promotions, feature list showcases, interested in selling inquiries, buyers are interested notifications, just sold announcements, and market update reports.

3. Customize the content to personalize your messaging and make it relevant to your target audience.

4. Incorporate the templates into your existing marketing strategy, either by printing and distributing them physically or sharing them digitally through email or social media platforms.

You will get a PDF (736KB) file