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Birds of a Feather - Water Slide Nail Decals


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Monochrome nail decal set has birds (ravens/crows) and feathers.

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Made from my own artwork! This monochrome nail decal set has birds and feathers. Perfect for an accent nail or used altogether for dramatic nail art. These nail decals are designed to be large so they can be trimmed down to your nail size. Each row of nail decals can see multiple uses when trimmed to size. This listing is for one sheet of nail decals.

These are transparent nail decals and work best on white or another light color. To use: trim the decals to size, dip them in water, slide them onto your nail, and seal them with a top coat. Detailed instructions are included.

What you get with your order:
•    3 rows of birds on wires
•    2 rows of flocking birds
•    12 sets of three birds in flight
•    10 feathers in black and grey
•    14 fallen feathers in black and grey
•    Easy to understand instructions