Birds of a Feather Water Slide Nail Decals

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This monochrome nail art decal set features black silhouettes of birds and feathers. There are a variety of nail decals included in this set. The dark color of the nail decals make them great over a ton of nail polish colors. Try them over bright blue for a cute look or place some of these bird nail decals over silver or gray nail polish for a stormy look.

These are transparent water slide nail decals that work on both regular nail polish and gel polish. Water slide nail decals are easy to use even for nail art beginners. First, paint your nails white or another light color. Trim the nail decals to the size of your nails and dip them in water for a few seconds. The transparent decal will separate from the paper backing and then you’ll be able slide them onto your nail and position them however you want. Finally, seal them with a top coat and you’re done! Detailed instructions are included with your order.

Here’s what you get with your order:
• 3 rows of birds on wires
• 2 rows of flocking birds
• 12 sets of three birds in flight
• 10 feathers in black and grey
• 14 fallen feathers in black and grey
• Easy to understand instructions

All my nail decal sheets are handmade to order and typically take 1-3 days to ship. Please contact me if you need to order a larger quantity than what’s currently available.

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